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Oliver Hosts Second CHPC Meeting

Oliver Manufacturing hosted its second CHPC (Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative) meeting on Thursday, 19. The cooperative discussed strategic outreach to spread awareness of its efforts to form a grassroots support network for hemp and hemp seed growers and producers that spans the state of Colorado.

Oliver provided the meeting space and is in talks to work with the cooperative to provide hemp seed cleaning and separation solutions.

CHPC Founder Duane Stjernholm describes the hemp cooperative as such: the CHPC is a Limited Cooperative Association (LCA). It will provide seed to sale harvesting and processing services to Industrial Hemp Industry in Colorado. Under an LCA, every shareholder gets one vote regardless of how many shares they own.  The Cooperative distributes profits to the Shareholders on a yearly basis.  CHPC’s focus is on the seeds and stalks of the Hemp plant. Seeds and stalks are processed for food, oil, building materials, paper, and many other products.  The CHPC will contract with local Hemp Growers for their crops and help develop markets for raw materials produced from processing the seeds and stems.

Cleanout Your Gravity Table with This Simple Guide

The cleanout process is an important feature of your Oliver Automated Gravity table. It allows you to make sure your equipment is free of any straggling product and ensures that your next batch is contaminant-free. While it’s a simple process, we understand that our user interface can be confusing for newcomers. So, we’ve put together this short tutorial to demonstrate how to properly perform a machine cleanout. If you’d like the visual version, be sure to watch our video here.

Before you begin your cleanout, you need to ensure that additional product is not discharging onto the deck from the feeder. Be sure to open the high side gates and rock trap as well if you haven’t already. It’s always a good idea to allow the machine to run for one minute before beginning a cleanout process. This unwedges residual product and makes the cleanout cycles more effective.

When you’re ready to begin, navigate to the Machine Recipes menu on your machine console HMI. You can load any created recipe from here. In our example, we’ve selected our Soybean Cleanout recipe for Soybean product. You can scroll through the recipes list using the up and down arrow symbols. When you’ve highlited the recipe you want to load, press the Enter symbol. Then, confirm your selection by pressing Load on the right side of the menu.

After loading the cleanout recipe, you wish to use, return to the main menu. Press Clean Out on the bottom left side of the main menu to be taken to the Clean Out menu. Here, three cleanout steps are displayed along with their run times. From this menu, all you need to do is press HMI Button “Press to Start Clean Out.” And that’s pretty much it! The Cleanout screen will display how much time remains in an active step, and each step will start automatically as the previous step concludes. Keep in mind that after final step, the HMI will load the last recipe before you pressed the “Start Clean Out” button and completely stop the machine operation.