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Devon Ingo Promoted to Marketing Manager

Devon Ingo Marketing ManagerAnnouncing a New Marketing Manager

Devon Ingo has been promoted to Marketing Manager!

Devon Ingo originally started with Oliver in May 2016.  Devon was originally hired as the Executive Administrative Marketing Assistant. In this role, she has juggled marketing and executive administrative assistant responsibilities.

Over the last year, she has taken on many responsibilities including revamping our marketing systems and processes, spearheading positive relationships with outside partners, creating and managing our marketing budgets, and collaborating with various team members on projects. These projects include literature updates, branding enhancements, promotions, tradeshow coordination and support, and analysis of our various markets.  Devon has exemplified her devotion to Oliver Manufacturing through conducting creative marketing initiatives, enhancing Oliver’s brand awareness, and providing leadership in our marketing efforts.

Based on Devon’s commitment to our customers, agents, and Oliver Manufacturing, she has been promoted to Marketing Manager.  In her new role as Marketing Manager, she will be accepting new responsibilities. She will continue to provide leadership that fosters positive relationships with our customers through enhancing our marketing strategy, improving our marketing systems and processes, and supporting our agent partners and sales team in their efforts to successfully promote the Oliver brand.

We look forward to how she will shape our marketing efforts, our relationships with customers and agents, and our organization going forward. Please take a moment to congratulate Devon on her success, promotion, and new responsibilities. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her directly if you have questions, ideas, or need marketing support.

Profile: Troy Jackson, Regional Territory Manager

Troy Jackson is Oliver’s regional territory manager. He’s responsible for regional sales and customer relationships in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Jackson has a pervasive knowledge of Oliver equipment; he can describe the mechanical components of any given Oliver machine inside and out. When approached with a processing challenge, if a viable solution is possible, he’ll figure out how to obtain it. But this skill, expertise and professionalism didn’t sprout up out of nowhere. Jackson gained his knowledge over a combined 19 years at Oliver Manufacturing.

Jackson began his career with Oliver in 1994. He started in the metal shop and, over time, transitioned up from one department to the next. Assembly. Testing. Woodshop. Press, Machinery. Nearly a decade after his first day on the job, Troy left the company for a role in sales. Five years later, he returned to Oliver in 2008 with sales experience and his welding certification.

Troy Jackson, Regional Territory Manager

It was after his return that Troy earned his current title of Regional Territory Manager. His sales experience and years of work with Oliver parts and equipment prepared him to take on a large sales challenge. “Everything north, south and west of Colorado is under my territory,” says Troy. “And Mexico. And Canada.”

Over time, Jackson’s defined the type of salesperson he wants to be. Some salesmen will try to grease up their customers; bend the facts to make their product look more appealing, or omit information that might dissuade a customer from making a purchase. But that’s not how Jackson rolls. “I’m not a typical salesman,” he says. “I’m more of a technical salesman.” Jackson enjoys what he does because he doesn’t need to sugarcoat things.

He’s free to speak intelligently and doesn’t shy away from technical details. He enjoys coming to understand a given product better and how Oliver’s solutions apply to it, and he can only reach that level of understanding through honest discussion with clients. His in-depth knowledge of Oliver equipment allows him to help his customers find the best solution for their needs– not something that is tempting to buy because it looks new and shiny, but something that actually works  as defined by the customer’s needs.

Jackson’s technical knowledge helps him assist not only customers, but agents and other Oliver employees, too. And with the ease of communication in today’s world of social media, Jackson really is only ever an email away. Though he travels less often than he used to, Jackson still prefers a face-to-face meeting over a direct Facebook message. “I’ve always been a firm believer in face-to-face,” says Jackson.