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Gravity Separator

A full line, to cover every need. Gravity Separators, also known as gravity air tables or density separators, use a combination of air for weighing, vibration for fluidization and conveying and tilt (or slope) for separation. Made for ease of use, longevity and above all, accuracy, Oliver Gravity Separators sort dry, granular, free-flowing material into streams according to particle density. This density separation can effectively separate like-size particles with as little as 0.5% difference in specific density. ...Read More

Oliver offers a full line of gravity separators and gravity tables covering 11 models in several sizes and varieties, to cover the broadest possible requirements for sizing contaminant removal. Every Oliver gravity separator is backed by the longest warranty in the business: 3 years.

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Gravity Separator


Automation, Centralized Power Control and Integrated Electronics Built on our legendary rugged chassis and components, Voyager offers an unparalleled number of adjustment points and power automation to simplify the purification setup. Programmable Logic Circuitry with a pre-loaded menu of up to 20 separation "recipes" means faster and simpler changeover between different products, and optimal separations from even the most minimally-trained operator no matter what your density separation, size separation or contaminant removal needs. Fully integrated state-of-the-art Allen Bradley electronics simplifies installation and troubleshooting. Voyager's plug-and-play design and process automation make it a natural to integrate into the most complex plant automation strategies.

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Hi-Cap Gravity Separators

The workhorse of the separation industry from seed to coffee and beyond. Our standard time-tested design offers simple adjustments and the opportunity for multiple upgrades to make even 20-year-old bulk density machines as productive as factory new units. Running capacities up to 15,000 lbs/hr.

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Maxi-Cap Gravity Separators

The highest capacity gravity table available in the marketplace. Complete with hydraulic adjustments and electronic controls, these units are capable of replacing multiple unit lines with a single machine. Capacities up to 42,000 lbs/hr.

maxi cap platinum

Maxi Cap Platinum

Model: 4800P, 3600P, 3000P, 2400P
  • Industry: Food, Hemp, Seed and Grain
  • Purpose: Separating
  • Capacity: Large
  • Technology: Smart

One of the most advanced high capacity separators on the market, the Maxi Cap Platinum adds one-touch power el...

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Maxi Cap Gravity

Model: 4800, 4000, 3600, 2400
  • Industry: Food, Hemp, Seed and Grain
  • Purpose: Separating
  • Capacity: Large
  • Technology: Manual

The "big brother" of our Hi-Cap series separator delivers unexcelled cost efficiency on high volume installati...

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Our smallest precision gravity separator, built on the Hi Cap framework. Used in laboratories and universities worldwide for trial or research applications. Capable of upgrade to electronic controls.

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Legendary Quality with the Most Advanced Design Available. Oliver Destoners serve numerous industries with machines that separate diverse or similar sized particles by weight - dividing heavy streams from lighter ones. ...Read More

Ideal for separating large volumes of lighter material from smaller volume of heavy splits, flats or rounds, this purification process removes contaminants or comprised product for a significantly purer and higher quality end result. Active dust controls improve environmental conditions and make operating Oliver Destoners more comfortable.

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Hi-Cap Destoners

One of the most popular Destoners in the world, this is an efficient and durable machine for a wide variety of applications including coffee, beans, seeds and recyclables.

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Maxi-Cap Destoners

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Fluidized Bed Dryer

Oliver Fluidized Bed Dryers prevent product clumping, simplify cleanup and improve finished appearance of seed coatings and treatments while cutting dry time to a fraction.

Fluidized Bed Dryer Technology

Drying solutions that reduce clumping & improved flow ability. Our Fluid Bed Dryer is a revolutionary solution to the frustrations many processing facilities have for clumping and bridging of treated seed and edibles. The Fluidized Bed Dryer uses a combination of air in motion through a vibrating, tilted table. Seed flow is converted to a “fluidized” suspension, making gentle, uniform drying possible for coated, treated or washed seeds.

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As a result of the automated technology, the Fluid Bed Dryer significantly improves the consistency, appearance and overall benefits of seed treatments.

Benefits of Fluidized Bed Dryers

  • Improve seed coating and treatment effectiveness and appearance
  • Maintain flow throughout the drying process
  • Minimize cleanup, reduce clumping on seed and grain
  • Significantly improve the treating and packing process
  • Longest warranty in the industry: 3 years

Central Control Console

Allows operator to easily monitor and adjust all functions of the FBD. This includes a memorized setup for seed type, size, chemical formulation, capacity and easy cleanout.

Controlled Fan Speed

Fans allow air to lift seed off the deck at controlled temperatures. Fan speed is controlled with ambient or heated air, or a combination of both.

Larger Deck

A larger deck exposes a large quantity of seed to be exposed to a lot of air at the perfect temperature, resulting in the best quality seed with less biological damage.

Allen-Bradley Electronics

Ethernet control can integrate the FBD into the overall plant control system so it can be operated with minimal operator input and maximize the quality throughout the entire process.

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Fluidized Bed Dryer

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Precision Sizer

Oliver's SIZE RIGHT® Precision Cylinder Sizer separates product by width and thickness down to the most accurate screen tolerances in the industry - between +.000" and -0.003". Efficient, safe and extremely precise sorting. Some screens will have 4 sizes within a 64th (Example 8/64ths, 8.25/64ths, 8.5/64ths, 8.75/64ths, 9/64ths). All components on the SIZE RIGHT are heavy-duty and long lasting and cylinders are custom-made for all types of precision sorting. ...Read More

Precision sizing machine features:

  • Single-tool adjustment allows fine-tuning for custom cylinder tolerance and easy mechanical access. CLICK HERE for cylinder maintenance information.
  • Offset vibrating conveyors discharge seed to both or either end of the machine which allow flexibility in new plant design or integration of an existing plant layout
  • Stackable modular design allows flexible sizing capacity for each application
  • Fast turnaround and tech support available for custom cylinders and sizing machines

Heavy-duty, One-panel Door Design

All cylinders are protected behind optional quick release, auto-shutoff safety doors. A hinge design option allows operators to lower the doors without removing them, resulting in a much easier cleaning process.

Timed Positive Drive System

Maintenance-free notched and timed Kevlar belt offers superior wear life over a chain or V-belt. Reduces the number of moving parts and eliminates leaky gear boxes entirely. Provides twice the support with notched cog and dedicated bearings at each end of the cylinder.

Patented Pressure Roller Cleanout System

These rollers push out lodged material that is not removed by the primary flapper cleanout. Pushes stuck kernels back into the overs fraction. Provides superior results, maximum throughput and safety compared to other designs.

VFD Digital Speed Control

Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 40 VFD speed control provides a degree of sizing precision unlike any other sizer. Includes digital display when switching between different seed types.

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Precision Sizer

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