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Small Grains

figure11Wheat, Oat, Barley, Rye, Birdseed, Sorghum, Oil SeedsSmall grains like wheat, oat, barley, rye, birdseed, sorghum and oil seeds require additional precision in processing. Oliver equipment provides more parameters of control, in more increments, than almost any other manufacturer. Our separators feature 2-axis tilt, adjustable agitation and selective Zone Control over the speed and volume of each air fan. These parameters give you an unexcelled level of control over small grain separation, for more accurate results. And to fit the needs of hard-to-separate products or unique installations, Oliver designers offer custom machine configurations and overcover materials.Plus, our automated separation equipment makes adjustments as simple as possible, with direct entry and 100% repeatability. All settings are based on numeric percentages, and can be recalled from up to 20 different memorized settings. Programmability speeds setup and improves output accuracy, even for inexperienced operators and in hard-to-separate harvests.

In addition, Oliver Destoners add value to harvests and minimize process losses and damage on other machinery by removing heavy contaminants (such as glass, dirt, stones and metal) from larger quantities of lighter small grain desirables. Our Oliver Size Right Precision Sizer uses the tightest screen tolerances available to provide safe, easy and efficient raw product sorting within 0.008″ accuracy while Fluidized Bed Dryers use gentle vibration and air circulation to seeds where artificially introduced moisture must be removed quickly and thoroughly before it is absorbed. Oliver machines ensure pure product for sure profit.

Applicable Products For Small Grains

Size Right® Precision Sizer
Fluidized Bed Dryer/Cooler

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