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Voyager Gravity Separator

Model: GVX 1020, GVX 1040, GVX 1050

Model: GVX 1020, GVX 1040, GVX 1050

Reliable. Accurate. Efficient.

Built on our legendary rugged chassis and components, Voyager offers an unparalleled number of adjustment points and power automation to simplify the purification setup. Programmable Logic Circuitry with a pre-loaded menu of up to 20 separation “recipes” means faster and simpler changeover between different products, and optimal separations from even the most minimally-trained operator no matter what your density separation, size separation or contaminant removal needs.

Product Features

  • Built in touchscreen control platform (PLC) provides simple control of airflow, deck, eccentric speed, feed rate and recipe load, set and save feature.
  • Integrated E-STOP circuit
  • Joy Stick Control
  • Most precise adjustability on the market to fine-tune your separation.
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  • Save and recall multiple recipes, such as automatic cleanout, through PLC touchscreen interface
  • Separate air system for operation is not required
  • Dynamic controls are adjustable while machine is in operation.
    • Deck Tilt
    • Airflow
    • Eccentric speed
    • Product Feed Rate
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  • Oliver has over 85 years’ experience in gravity table engineering and manufacturing
  • UL and CUL approved electrical cabinets
  • Post-purchase training and machine service packages available
  • Spare parts are available upon order
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  • Rectangular deck design allows for maximum product separation time
  • Reduced machine setup, and cleanout time
  • Efficient air zone control from initial stratification through final discharge for optimal separation performance.
  • Counterbalanced
  • Low noise, 85 dB at operator level
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  • Decks are designed and built to spec with custom over cover and under cover for your product
  • Integration with Plant SCADA is available
  • Customizable Options include; discharge hopper, partial or full dust hoods, vibratory feeder, deck options, recipe development, stainless steel contact points, and control packages
  • Modular deck upgrade makes for ease of maintenance and quick change over from product to product and deck to deck
  • Increase the total tilt of the deck with hydraulic cylinder options
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Model 1020 1040 1050
Height 70″ (178 cm) 82″ (208 cm) 82″ (208 cm)
Width 60″ (152 cm) 67″ (170 cm) 73″ (185 cm)
Length 93″ (231 cm) 122″ (325 cm) 152″ (386 cm)
Deck Area 29″ x 60″                     (73 x 152 cm) 39″ x 85″                    (99 x 215 cm) 45″ x 117″                   (122 x 300 cm)
Weight 2,350 lbs                   (1,066 kg) 3,900 lbs                  (1,770 kg) 4,300 lbs                  (1,950 kg)
Shipping Tare 2,650 lbs                    (1,202 kg) 4,600 lbs                   (2,086 kg) 5,000 lbs                    (2,268 kg)

Customer Testimonials

We believe in Oliver equipment. Hell, we've been using the Gravity 240 for 36 years.But we are very impressed with the GVX 1050; I think that you're moving to the next generation when you get this new machine. One of the best things about it is the automated control which gives me the ability to adjust individual fan speed that I can speed up, slow down. Saving and loading recipes, activating automatic cleanout and simplicity of use makes the GVX 1050 top of the line!

Cody Poage with Crop Production Services

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