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Hi Cap Gravity

Model: HC, 50, HC 80, HC 160, HC 240

Model: HC, 50, HC 80, HC 160, HC 240

Reliable. Accurate. Efficient.

The most iconic gravity separator in the world, Oliver’s legendary Hi-Cap Gravity Separator is designed and constructed to deliver decades of reliable and predictable service. The Hi-Cap series separates continuous flow of granular products. Multiple fan zones allow for efficient control of product flow. Decks are designed and built to optimally perform for your specific product.

Oliver Hi-Cap density separators are fully adjustable in use for air volume, eccentric speed, 2-axis tilt and rate of feed. CAD-designed fan and rectangular deck separates greater quantities faster, with greater accuracy than any other separator on the market.

PARTS LIST by Model (click to download)

Hi Cap #30 Parts List

Hi-Cap #80 Parts List 

Hi Cap #160 Parts List

Hi Cap #240 Parts List

Additional Manuals

Hi Cap Dusthood Install and Operations Manual

Hi Cap #30 Operations Manual

Product Features

  • Simple but highly effective adjustments
  • Intuitive Manual Controls
  • Adjustable dual axis tilts
  • Multi Fan system with independent fan dampening control
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  • All adjustments can be made while machine is in operation
  • Separate air system for operation is not required
  • Variable frequency drive controls for easy adjustments on deck shake.
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  • Oliver has over 85 years’ experience in gravity table engineering and manufacturing
  • Post-purchase training and machine service packages available
  • Spare parts are available upon order
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  • Durable coated over cover material
  • Rectangular deck design allows for maximum product separation time
  • Wide range of Eccentric Speed to optimize separation performance
  • Efficient air zone control from initial stratification through final discharge for optimal separation performance.
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Height72” (182 cm)70” (178 cm)69” (175 cm)69” (175 cm)
Width68” (172 cm)62” (157 cm)56” (142 cm)49” (124 cm)
Length136” (345 cm)108” (274 cm)90” (229 cm)77” (196 cm)
Weight1,700 lbs. (771 kg)1,300 lbs. (589 kg)1,200 lbs. (544 kg)960 lbs. (435 kg)
Deck Area 48” x 118” (122 cm x 300 cm)42” x 90” (107 cm x 229 cm)35” x 72” (91 cm x 183 cm)29” x 59” (76 cm x 152 cm)
Amps draw @480/3/6023181310
Amps draw @240/3/6046362620
Fan zones7643
Fan controlmanual air gatemanual air gatemanual air gatemanual air gate
Warranty1 year1 year1 year1 year


Parts List
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to download a parts list.

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