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Hi Cap Gravity

Model: HC 30, HC, 50, HC 80, HC 160, HC 240, HC 316

Model: HC 30, HC, 50, HC 80, HC 160, HC 240, HC 316

This versatile and proven Oliver design is our tried and true model that gives you a reliable and controlled accurate separation.  Extract heavy, denser particles and contaminants from lighter ones of the same size and shape. Oliver Hi-Cap density separators are fully adjustable in use for air volume, eccentric speed, 2-axis tilt and rate of feed. CAD-designed fan and rectangular deck separates greater quantities faster, with greater accuracy than any other separator on the market.

PARTS LIST by Model (click to download)

Hi Cap #30 Parts List

Hi-Cap #80 Parts List 

Hi Cap #160 Parts List

Hi Cap #240 Parts List

Additional Manuals

Hi Cap Dusthood Install and Operations Manual

Hi Cap #30 Operations Manual

Product Features

Opti-Drive VFD control for deck eccentric speed.

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Active counterbalance for smoother operation with less vibration,

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Indicator guages for side and length inclination, feed flow, air pressure and eccentric speed,

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Square-to-round transition discharge hopper transition for gentler product handling and easier hookup,

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removes fine particles and keeps air clean

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Model 5080160240
Height54″ (137cm)54″ (137 cm)54″ (137 cm)55″ (140 cm)
Width43″ (109 cm)49″ (125 cm)55″ (140 cm)58″ (147 cm)
Length75″ (191 cm)87″ (221 cm)105″ (267 cm)140″ (355.6 cm)
Deck Size30″ x 60″              (75 x 152 cm)36″ x 72″           (91 x 183 cm)42″ x 90″          (107 x 229 cm)48″ x 118″           (122 x 299 cm)
Weight960 lbs                  (436 kg)1,110 lbs        (504 kg)1,300 lbs          (590 kg)1,740 lbs              (790 kg)
Shipping Tare1,410 lbs              (640 kg)1,560 lbs          (708 kg)2,105 lbs             (955 kg)2,590 lbs                (1,175 kg)

Parts List

Click here to download a parts list.

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