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Maxi Cap Platinum

Model: 4800P, 3600P, 3000P, 2400P

Model: 4800P, 3600P, 3000P, 2400P

One of the most advanced high capacity separators on the market, the Maxi Cap Platinum adds one-touch power electronic control and repeatable memory to a proven separator platform, capable of separating up to 40,000 lbs of material an hour. Instant power control of all parameters – fan speeds, table tilt, eccentric motion and material feed rates – can be made through joystick and touchpad input or recalled from among up to 20 memorized setups.

Maxi Cap Platinum Parts List by Model

3600 Platinum Parts List

4800 Platinum Parts List

Additional Manuals

Maxi Cap Platinum Dusthood Installation

Product Features

Product 3600

Rated Capacity (lbs/hr)

CFM 4800 

Rated Capacity (lbs/hr)

Corn 28,600 42,900
Popcorn/Soybeans/Lentils 21,100 31,500
Wheat/Cotton Seed 22,800 34,200
Sorghum 21,000 31,500
Peas 26,600 39,900


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Opti-Drive VFD control for deck eccentric speed.

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Active counterbalance for smoother operation with less vibration,

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Indicator guages for side and length inclination, feed flow, air pressure and eccentric speed,

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Square-to-round transition discharge hopper transition for gentler product handling and easier hookup,

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removes fine particles and keeps air clean

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Model 3600 4800
Height 96″ (244 cm) 102″ (259 cm)
Width 112″ (284 cm) 124″ (315 cm)
Length 158″ (401 cm) 194″ (493 cm)
Deck Size 60″ x 144″        (152 x 366 cm) 72″ x 180″          (183 x 457 cm)
Weight 5,800 lbs           (2,631 kg) 7,600lbs              (3,448 kg)
Shipping Tare 7,200 lbs           (3,266 kg) 9,000 lbs             (4,082 kg)

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Customer Testimonials

"We really like the Oliver’s. They’re just easy machines to work with, easy to set, easy to adjust. I don’t know that I would go with anything else, or that I would even want to try anything else.”

John Ziegler, Peterson Farms Seed

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