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Maxi Cap Destoners

Model: 1205, 905, 605, 305

Model: 1205, 905, 605, 305

The Maxi-Cap processes up to 60,000 lbs per hour of industrial materials removing stone, glass, metal or sands from lumber products or plastics. It is equally effective processing and purifying agricultural products like beans, corns or nuts. Crafted to be long-lasting and dependable load after load, the larger Maxi-Cap machine is still the most precise Destoner available anywhere, thanks to precise Oliver control.

Parts List (click to download)

Maxi-Cap Destoner Parts List

Product Features

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Certain products will have dust, chaff and other light contaminants attached to product. Oliver dust hoods have built-in feed and exhaust air controls, and large windows permit constant visual inspection of the product. Flexible skirting between the dust hood and deck makes it possible to physically handle the product during separation.

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Active counterbalance for smoother operation with less vibration.

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Capable of processing up to 60,000 lbs. of product per hour, Oliver Maxi-Cap Destoners can process greater capacities than any other previous destoners.

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The Maxi-Cap Destoner possesses a multiple fan system for precise separation, uncompromising air control and higher efficiency.

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Model 3056059051205
Height96″ (244 cm)96″ (244 cm)96″ (244 cm)96″ (244 cm)
Width54″ (137 cm)90″ (229 cm)126″ (320 cm)162″ (412 cm)
Length92″ (234 cm)92″ (234 cm)92″ (234 cm)92″ (234 cm)
Weight1,700 lbs           (771 kg)3,200 lbs          (1,451 kg)4,800 lbs            (2,177 kg)6,300 lbs            (2,857 kg)
Shipping Tare2,000 lbs          (907 kg)3,500 lbs            (1,588 kg)5,000 lbs             (2,267 kg)6,600 lbs                   (2,993 kg)

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