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Hi Cap Destoners

Model: 6048, 4848, 3648, 2448

Model: 6048, 4848, 3648, 2448

The versatile and proven design for the Oliver Manufacturing Hi-Cap is the most popular Destoner in the world. Extract heavy impurities from a larger quantity of light material to purify and add value to your product. Hi-Cap Destoners feature multiple, individually adjustable fans, tilt and product feed rate for faster, more precise setup and operation. Plus, the unique deck design reduces loss of good product.


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Hi-Cap Destoner Parts List

Product Features

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To separate by density, each particle on the destoner deck must be accurately weighed. The Oliver Destoners use a patented series of evenly spaced fans, which produce a uniform distribution of air through the deck. Each fan’s control gate and a unique under-deck diffuser insures the correct air volume required to make a distinct product separation.

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Oliver’s multiple, heavy material throats remove heavy contaminants without excessive loss of good product. The extra concentrating action of Oliver’s multiple throat deck design permits more precise machine adjustment and control.

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Certain products will have dust, chaff and other light contaminants attached to product. Oliver dust hoods have built-in feed and exhaust air controls, and large windows permit constant visual inspection of the product. Flexible skirting between the dust hood and deck makes it possible to physically handle the product during separation.

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All machine adjustments are the simple screw or clamp type, and give years of trouble-free operation. An Oliver Hi-Cap Destoner requires minimal workman training and supervision, and is the most flexible and forgibing destoner on the market today.

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Model 2448 3648 4848 6048
Height 60.5″ 60.5″ 60.5″ 60.5″
Width 28.5″ 40.5″ 52.5″ 64.5
Length 61″ 61″ 61″ 61″
Weight 550 lbs                (249 kg) 685 lbs               (310 kg) 790 lbs                 (358 kg) 950 lbs               (430 kg)
Shipping Tare 750 lbs             (340 kg) 910 lbs                (412 kg) 1,050 lbs             (476 kg) 1,225 lbs           (555 kg)

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