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Voyager Series Gravity Separator

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Automation, Centralized Power Control
and Integrated Electronics

Built on our legendary rugged chassis and components, Voyager offers an unparalleled number of adjustment points and power automation to simplify the purification setup. Programmable Logic Circuitry with a pre-loaded menu of up to 20 separation "recipes" means faster and simpler changeover between different products, and optimal separations from even the most minimally-trained operator no matter what your density separation, size separation or contaminant removal needs. Fully integrated state-of-the-art Allen Bradley electronics simplifies installation and troubleshooting.

Voyager's plug-and-play design and process automation make it a natural to integrate into the most complex plant automation strategies.

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Voyager Specifications

Voyager Features

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Drive Fans

Fans are much quieter and create more air for a cleaner, healthier working environment and more precise separation. Fans are individually adjustable for airflow volume and optimal particle concentration.

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Computerized Touch Screen

Touch screen promotes precision, repeatability and ease of use. Easy to read touch screen allows you to store up to 20 routines within the PLC memory for speed setup and cleanout, and centralized power control for simplified adjustments.

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4-Way Joystick Tilt Control

An easier way to control deck tilt with the 4-way joystick. Allows easy maneuvering of the machine in one touch from the computer panel. Deck tilt adjusts quickly and gives you much more control over the eccentric motion and product flowing on the deck.

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Advanced Counterbalance Design

This new counterbalance design will increase the operational life of machine parts that incur high-wear. An essential element when the Voyager is installed on or above grade floors or other locations where an adequate foundation is not available.

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State of the Art Electronics

Fully integrated state-of-the-art Allen Bradley electronics simplifies integration with plant automation strategies. And legendary Oliver durability means profitability starts the day you install.