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Precision Sizer Specifics
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SIZE RIGHT® Precision Sizer

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Efficient, Safe and Extremely Precise Sorting

Oliver's SIZE RIGHT® Precision Cylinder Sizer separates product by width and thickness down to the most accurate screen tolerances in the industry - between +.000" and -0.003". These include some screens that will have 4 sizes within a 64th (Example 8/64ths, 8.25/64ths, 8.5/64ths, 8.75/64ths, 9/64ths). All components on the SIZE RIGHT are heavy-duty and long lasting and cylinders are custom-made for all types of precision sorting.

  • Single-tool adjustment allows fine-tuning for custom cylinder tolerance and easy mechanical access.
    CLICK HERE for cylinder maintenance information.
  • Offset vibrating conveyors discharge seed to both or either end of the machine which allow flexibility in new plant design or integration of an existing plant layout
  • Stackable modular design allows flexible sizing capacity for each application
  • Fast turnaround and tech support available for custom cylinders and sizing machines


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Voyager Specifications

SIZE RIGHT® Features

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Heavy-duty, One-panel Door Design

All cylinders are protected behind optional quick release, auto-shutoff safety doors. A hinge design option allows operators to lower the doors without removing them, resulting in a much easier cleaning process.

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Timed Positive Drive System

Maintenance-free notched and timed Kevlar belt offers superior wear life over a chain or V-belt. Reduces the number of moving parts and eliminates leaky gear boxes entirely. Provides twice the support with notched cog and dedicated bearings at each end of the cylinder.

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Patented Pressure Roller Cleanout System

These rollers push out lodged material that is not removed by the primary flapper cleanout. Pushes stuck kernels back into the overs fraction. Provides superior results, maximum throughput and safety compared to other designs.

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Quick Cylinder Changeout

Cylinders can be changed out in less than a minute. A single key allows you to pull out the cylinder without cumbersome spring loaded mechanisms, fork tools or shear pins. Download details for cylinder maintenance.

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VFD Digital Speed Control

Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 40 VFD speed control provides a degree of sizing precision unlike any other sizer. Includes digital display when switching between different seed types.