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Fluid Bed Dryer Specifics
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Fluidized Bed Dryer

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Drying Solutions that Reduce Clumping & Improved Flowability

Oliver Fluidized Bed Dryers prevent product clumping, simplify cleanup and improve finished appearance of seed coatings and treatments while cutting dry time to a fraction. This is a revolutionary solution to the frustrations many processing facilities have for clumping and bridging of treated seed and edibles. The Fluidized Bed Dryer uses a combination of air in motion through a vibrating, tilted table. Seed flow is converted to a “fluidized” suspension, making gentle, uniform drying possible for coated, treated or washed seeds.

As a result of the automated technology, the Fluid Bed Dryer significantly improves the consistency, appearance and overall benefits of seed treatments.

  • Improve seed coating and treatment effectiveness and appearance
  • Maintain flow throughout the drying process
  • Minimize cleanup, reduce clumping on seed and grain
  • Significantly improve the treating and packing process
  • Longest warranty in the industry: 3 years

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Voyager Specifications

Fluid Bed Dryer Features

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Central Control Console

Allows operator to easily monitor and adjust all functions of the FBD. This includes a memorized setup for seed type, size, chemical formulation, capacity and easy cleanout.

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Controlled Fan Speed

Fans allow air to lift seed off the deck at controlled temperatures. Fan speed is controlled with ambient or heated air, or a combination of both.

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Larger Deck

A larger deck exposes a large quantity of seed to be exposed to a lot of air at the perfect temperature, resulting in the best quality seed with less biological damage.

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Allen-Bradley Electronics

Ethernet control can integrate the FBD into the overall plant control system so it can be operated with minimal operator input and maximize the quality throughout the entire process.

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Optional Custom Catwalk

If space is an issue, Oliver Manufacturing can build a customized catwalk to accommodate any limitations of the processing floor.