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-Legendary Quality with the Most Advanced Design Available

 Oliver Destoners serve numerous industries with machines that separate diverse or similar sized particles by weight - dividing heavy streams from lighter ones.

Ideal for separating large volumes of lighter material from smaller volume of heavy splits, flats or rounds, this purification process removes contaminants or comprised product for a significantly purer and higher quality end result.

Active dust controls improve environmental conditions and make operating Oliver Destoners more comfortable.

Oliver hi-cap destoner  

Hi-Cap Destoner

One of the most popular Destoners in the world, this is an efficient and durable machine for a wide variety of applications including coffee, beans, seeds and recyclables.

Maxi-Cap Destoner  

Maxi-Cap Destoner

Our highest capacity Destoner, made to process up to 42,000 lbs per hour of industrial materials including lumber products and plastics.

Need more information of the benefits of destoning? Click here to watch our educational video.