Oliver Manufacturing

Processing for a more productive planet

Oliver Manufacturing is the leading USA-based provider of reliable, durable and effective equipment for processing and refining flowing solids of all kinds.

Starting with agriculture, we have served industries worldwide with a full processing line, with focus on grain processing and seed processing, that has been improved constantly for over 80 years. Oliver Destoners quickly remove heavy contaminants from granular flowables.  SIZE RIGHT Precision Sizers grade material by size within thousandths of an inch.  Oliver Gravity Table Separators sort by density within a few percentage points. Oliver Fluid Bed Dryers provide gentle, uniform tack-free drying after costly coatings and treatments to seed, soybean, corn and other edibles.

We offer the first automated and programmable power adjustable machines, and make retrofittable enhancements for older ones, many of which have been in use for decades. Oliver Manufacturing designs, manufactures and ships all of our machinery from our southern Colorado headquarters to customers across North and South America, Asia and New Zealand.

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